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Key Roles

Account Managers

All of our clients are assigned to at least one Account Manager who in turn manages the sales and relationships with them. An Account Manager will always be the lead point of contact for their respective clients and are responsible for any queries or issues that their clients have. Additionally, Account Managers anticipate clients' needs and ensure that such requirements are fulfilled. In short, Account Managers are here to help clients succeed.

System Architects

The brain to ensuring that the systems and applications that IMBA uses are always performing at their optimal. Tasked with the overall design and maintenance of the IT systems that are utilized in the company, System Architects must be knowledgeable in this area of expertise to ensure that said systems will always function well. This will therefore prevent any disruptions to our clients' business operations.

Web Programmers

Any time our clients have requests on how they want their websites to perform certain tasks, be it a new function or changes to their existing sites, our team of web programmers will step in to handle the technical aspects of the necessary. In short, they work like translators, using their expertise in programming languages to write the coding and markup needed to execute requests onto the websites.

Support Executives

This team of personnel, also known as our Customer Service executives, handles everything from answering incoming calls from customers to answering inquiries, resolving complaints and providing useful information. They are usually the first point of contact (besides the Account Managers) for our clients whenever there are any complaints, questions, requests, feedback, or any other needs. They disseminate the information gathered from clients and follow up throughout the whole process to ensure that support requests are met and delivered seamlessly.

On-site Engineers

Our onsite engineers are responsible for meeting the onsite client support requests as well as to providing the technical expertise required in facilitating all of our clients' demands. They will go onsite to the clients' premises and review their needs to ensure that the clients have what are deemed necessary to their business operations. Onsite engineers provide advice in the planning, co-ordination and supervision of all technical aspects for our clients.


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